Special Application Heat Exchangers

SGL has been manufacturing heat exchangers for decades, in this time they have used their extensive knowledge to design exchangers for specific duties. Here are a few examples of how they put their expertise to use and help customers with their chemical processes.

Fall film heat exchangers.

These are produced from machined Diabon graphite material, the heat exchanger top header evenly distributes the liquid across the top tube sheet, the flow is controlled so that the liquid only flows around the bore of the tubes and can provide very high efficiency.

For specialist food and pharmaceutical applications

The KU type graphite block heat exchanger is produced from one piece of phenolic impregnated graphite, they are relatively small up to 46m2 and are super efficient. They have no gaskets and are designed to be GMP compliant. All wetted parts are PTFE / graphite for excellent corrosion resistance, housed between two steel plates.

Graphite groove heat exchangers

The range of SGL groove heat exchangers utilise graphite plates cemented together to provide small robust heat exchangers which have several third party approvals. The Groove heat exchangers conform to TA-Luft, they are Atex approved for zone 1 applications and are produced from FDA certified materials.

The gasket free designs are compact in size and as the graphite plates don’t need compressing together they have a simpler overall design without live loaded tie rods etc. meaning reduced maintenance requirements.

Graphite quenchers

Graphite Quenchers are used to rapidly cool high temperature gasses by directing the gasses through a liquid stream. The graphite quenchers can cool hot gasses up to a maximum temperature of 1600°C. They are available in very large diameters up to 2700mm and capable of cooling 130,000 Nm3/h.