Blanking Spades

Blanking spades are widely used to ensure the proper blanking off of pumps, valves and sections of piping; the function of blanking spades or paddle blanks as they are also know is to separate a shut-off plant system from a pressurised or operational system and protect parts of systems from being subjected to higher pressures than their rated operating pressure. Blanking spades can also be used when hydrotesting piping systems to protect more delicate equipment such as sight glasses from the high line test pressures. They can also provide an additional layer of protection during maintenance work, guarding against leaking valves or the negligent opening of an isolation valve. A wafer style fitting, the spade is sized to fit inside the bolt circle for the relevant nominal bore. The spades are manufactured from stainless steel with both sealing faces formed from PTFE bonded to the steel. A hole in the handle allows for easy securing of tags for the item if required. They are also available fully lined including the handle.

Please note we only supply PTFE lined or solid PTFE spades and blinds, we do not supply metallic blinds with serrated faces etc. Typically used in the petrochemical industry.

The dimension table below is to suit EN1092-1 DIN PN 10/16 flange joints.

To Suit DNPTFE Liner ThicknessØAHandle Length B