Plate Heat Exchangers

Plate heat exchangers offer the best heat transfer capabilities of the SGL range of exchangers. Within a small footprint they offer significant heat transfer areas with the highest efficiencies. The heat exchangers are produced from a series of Diabon graphite plates which are sealed between  Sigraflex graphite and Polyfluron PTFE gaskets. The stack of plates and gaskets are housed between a pair of PTFE lined end plates held under tension with a set of spring loaded tie rods keeping even pressure on the plates. When compared size for size with a shell and tube heat exchanger they offer much higher cooling or heating capability.

The heat exchangers are built up from multiple graphite plates, this modular design allows for modifications in the base design to increase or reduce the efficiency of the exchanger to fine tune to the customers specific requirements. Each plate has cold fluid on one side and hot fluid on the other, these alternate as the cooling and heating fluids pass through the exchanger. These graphite plates are machined with a herring bone pattern to provide high turbulence which assists heat transfer and reduce fouling of the exchangers meaning longer uptime between maintenance, reducing your costs.

If a plate develops a fault, it can be removed from the stack of plates and the exchanger can still be used albeit at a reducing efficiency whilst spares can be sourced to complete the repair to the exchanger. The design ensures that if a gasket were to fail the product media and heat transfer media would not mix.

As the plate heat exchangers are assembled with Diabon graphite plates they have near universal chemical compatibility with high corrosion resistance which makes then suitable for use with hydrochloric, phosphoric, hydrofluoric acids and other highly aggressive medias. The graphite used is also FDA compliant so these exchangers are well suited to pharmaceutical applications.

Due to the strength and integrity of the gaskets and plates the SGL Plate Heat Exchangers are suitable for applications up to 200°C and 8 barg. There is a broad range of sizes available weighing from just 100kg to up 6400kg.

SGL have supplied thousands of Graphite Heat Exchangers to customers across the globe cooling and heating very corrosive processes. CRP represent SGL within the UK and can assist with all heat exchanger enquires where customers are using corrosive medias.