ASG-3 3 Way (Tee) Bulls Eye Sight Glass

The Atomac ASG-3 3 sight glass has three flanged connections allowing product mixing along with viewing indication in one cost effective, space saving compact design. It has a fully PFA lined ductile iron body with a pair of heavy wall borosilicate glass windows for clear process viewing. The sight glass is designed for use in the most corrosive processes, the liner is heavy wall and locked into the steel body with T grooves and dovetails – suitable for use under vacuum conditions  and high temperatures.

Installation, Maintenance and General Guidance PDF

Technical Databook PDF

Dimensions to suit ASME 150 or DIN PN10/16 Flanged Piping Systems

To suit pipework NB Face to Face A CL-F B
Inches mm mm mm
1″ 25 160 80
2″ 40 230 115
3″ 80 310 155
4″ 100 350 175

Please note both ASME and DIN are dimensionally the same with flanges drilled to suit the corresponding flange requirement.

The ASG-3 has external stainless steel fasteners and epoxy coated body, CRP offer various options for sight glasses like double windows, PFA lined glass for caustic duties etc.