Shell and Tube Graphite Heat Exchangers

The SGL range of shell and graphite tube heat exchangers use optimised materials and unique designs to provide the best heat exchanger performance. The wetted parts are produced from graphite tube available in several diameters with bore sizes from 15mm up to 50mm. The graphite tubes are available up to 9m long, and the one piece tube sheets which the tubes locate into are available up to 1600mm diameter, so very large heat exchangers can be supplied with heat exchange areas up to 1500m2.

The choice of Diabon material for the tube sheets and the tubes provided excellent corrosion resistance coupled with very high heat conductivity. SGL have supplied thousands of these heat exchangers to customers working with very arduous chemicals in their processes. They are well suited to convey very aggressive media like, phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid and hydrofluoric acid.

The Diabon graphite tube material is formed over an 8 to 10 week period at a temperature of 3000°C. This results in a graphite with unparalleled heat conductivity up to 70 W/mK for the standard material. Other high grades of graphite materials are also available for special applications. The high thermal conductivity allows more compact designs and cost savings. The high conductivity also allows for reduced steam temperatures saving on running costs

The heat exchangers can be supplied with special top and bottom headers in various designs to provide for example, falling film evaporators or gas / liquid separation duties.

The heat exchanger has a very robust design with the graphite tubes cemented into the graphite tube sheets. Baffles along the length of the exchanger support the tubes, these too are manufactured from graphite to ensure chemical compatibility . The shell of the heat exchanger can be manufactured from carbon steel, stainless steel, or even glass lined or PTFE lined if the process media is flowing through the shell.

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