Entry Pipes / Nozzle liners

Where there is little need for mechanical strength offered by CRPs lined steel dip pipes, CRPs entry pipes can be an ideal low cost solution to introduce liquor into a storage vessel. They are manufactured from HiPerFlon paste extruded PTFE tube, flared at one end to raised face dimensions to connect between suitable mating flanges.

They can be supplied in any length up to 6000mm long for ¾”NB – 6”NB and 3000mm long for 8”NB – 14”NB.  Entry pipes are often used to protect the bores of glass lined vessels from mechanical damage, being a sacrificial sleeve. We can supply much larger diameter sleeves to protect nozzles on manways etc.

They are usually supplied with the plain end cut perpendicular to the tube but if required we can supply these cut at 45 degrees.

Entry pipes can be supplied with a backing flange to bolt onto the end of a pipe spool to protrude into a drain for example.

If an entry pipe is going through a nozzle then obviously it needs to be sized correctly  so that it can fit, please let us know the i/d of the nozzle and we will make sure we provide you with a suitably sized entry pipe.

We would recommend that if solvents are in the process the entry pipe should be produced from static dissipating / antistatic PTFE materials.