AMP3 3 Way Reduced Bore Ball Valve

The Atomac AMP3 3 port ball valve can be supplied with either a T ported or L ported ball. It has many uses for mixing and cross flow operations. The valve is of the reduced port typr and is available in many flow configurations, some being 90° and some having 180° operation.  The valve has a compact design and all wetted parts in PFA / PTFE to ensure compatibility with the most corrosive processes. The valve can be supplied with flanges drilled to suit ASME 150 or DIN PN10/16, the overall dimensions for both types are the same however shown below.

Flow Arrangement Configurations

Top Works Drawings

Actuation Torques

Installation, Maintenance and General Guidance PDF

Technical Databook PDF

Dimensions To Suit ASME 150 Piping Systems

To Suit Pipework NB Face – Face A Centre Line – Face B
Inches mm mm mm
1″ 25 160 80
1.1/2″ 40 200 100
2″ 50 230 115
3″ 80 310 155
4″ 100 350 175
6″ 150 480 240