Shell and Tube Silicon Carbide Heat Exchangers

For very aggressive chemicals like nitric and hydrofluoric acid the best choice for heat exchanger materials is silicon carbide. This material does not only exhibit excellent corrosion resistance it also has very good thermal conductance comparable to graphite and good thermal shock resistance. The directly sintered silicon carbide tubes are held in place at each end of the shell with PFA lined steel tube sheets, they have special FFKM seals sealing the tubes into the tube sheets with an intermediate SiC plate which doubles the amount of seals. This unique seal design is patented and the seals are the cumulation of SGLs many years experience. With all wetted parts being PFA, FFKM and silicon carbide the exchangers are ready to handle almost any very corrosive and toxic chemicals at pressures up to 8 bar g and 180 degrees C. The silicon carbide material is very hard and an excellent choice for conveying abrasive chemical solutions.

The heat exchangers are also suitable for use in high purity applications like semiconductor industries and are also FDA approved for use within the pharmaceutical sector.

CRP represent SGL in the UK and can assist with any enquires you have about their range of heat exchangers.