Level Gauges

The LGSG level gauge is manufactured from PFA lined stainless steel pipe. Slots are machined along the length of the pipe to allow viewing for example of the liquid level in a storage vessel. The design is very robust and can handle knocks and bangs which could damage other types of sight gauges. PFA is the only wetted part and is ideal for use with very corrosive media and also sticky applications. We offer the gauges in 1”, 1.1/2” and 2”NB in any length to suit the application up to 6m long and they are suitable for use up to 150° C. As an option we can supply them with a pair of float traps and a floating hollow PTFE ball which is useful if viewing from a distance.

To Suit PipeworkFace – FaceFlange øRaised Face øWeight 1000mm lg.Liner Thickness
ASME 150 Piping System
InchesmmDim. A mmDim. B mmDim. C mmKg.mm
1 1/240250-6000125739.03.0
DIN PN 10/16 Piping System
1 1/240250-6000150889.03.0

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