Spray Guard Roll

Flange spray guards are used to protect personnel from uncontrolled spray out from a failing flange joint. They should always be considered when installing any piping system carrying toxic, hot or corrosive chemicals. By controlling the leak and protecting personnel and surrounding plant equipment from chemical contact considerable cost savings can be made. They help to minimise accidents on plant preventing costly plant down time, unplanned absenteeism, HSE investigations etc.

The CRP Spray Guard roll has been designed to be very cost effective, manufactured from durable polypropylene it has very good chemical resistance, is UV resistant and can be reused.

Very easy to install, they are supplied as a roll, the correct length is cut from the roll and then wrapped around the flange joint, they are secured with a stainless steel self tapping screw.

If a spray out were to occur the spray is safely deflected diminishing the force of the spray.

The spray out is deflected, – not contained so the guard is never pressurised.

Three widths of flange shield will cover most piping installations.

The Spray Guards are suitable for use on piping ranging from -40oC / -40°F to +110oC / 230°F.

Available by the metre. The CRP Flange Guard Roll is available in 5 roll widths, 50mm, 70mm, 100mm, 140mm and 180mm to cover ASME 150 / DIN PN10 flange joint sizes from ½” up to 24” nominal bore. Typically only 2 or 3 widths can cover most installations on site. For each nominal bore, depending on whether the two flanges are fixed, rotating or one of each the width of roll may change to accommodate.

The table below shows the correct width required for typical flange joints and the cut length of Spray shield required for each flange nominal bore for ASME150 flanged piping systems.

To Suit Pipework NBCut Length RequiredFlange Joint Type
Fixed / FixedFixed / RotatingRotating / Rotating
1 1/240507070
2 1/2655070100

Data shown is for ASME 150 flanges, CRP flange guard Roll can be fitted to DIN flanged piping systems and others too.