CRP manufacture  a wide variety of  fluoropolymer lined elbows. All elbows are lined with paste extruded HiPerFlon PTFE liners flared each end over the flange face to raised face dimensions similar to our pipe spools. All elbows are dimensionally to DIN 2848.

Our common  elbows are 45o  and 90o and manufactured to DIN PN10/16 dimensions. We can also offer PTFE lined elbows with dimensions and flanges to suit PN40. Like all our lined fittings our elbows can be supplied with a stainless steel housing for use within clean rooms etc,

We also supply 30o and 60o PTFE lined elbows and can offer bespoke elbows at other angles and other centreline to face dimensions.

All elbows are produced to provide the best performance and long life even in highly corrosive