Compact Recirculating Sampling System

The latest generation of sampling system designed and manufactured by CRP.  It provides fully representative sampling following the principle of the first sample being the right sample.

All components are stainless steel or nickel coated for external protection and cleanliness.

The design has been thought through to be compact—in a plant area where there is usually not much space, whilst being easy, accessible and safe for the operator to use.

It combines CRP’s expertise in vessel sampling systems with their unique manufacturing expertise in fluoropolymers.

The sample is pumped through the system with a double diamphragm pump, suitable for use with slurries and dispensed using an inline sampler, it can be mounted on a single dip pipe with the pump discharge through the same port.


  • Recirculating system with no dead legs or areas for product hang up to ensure the sample is representative of the vessel contents
  • Angled flow path through valve to ensure fully self-draining
  • Reduced space envelope design
  • Safety cabinet with 180 degree access designed for ease of operator use and secondary containment in case of bottle failure
  • Bulls Eye sight glass to see the sample
  • Location port for probes and other instrumentation
  • Flush system for complete cleaning between samples to avoid cross-contamination