Spikies Earthing Washers

The UK Health and Safety Executive state within their COMAH guidance that proper system earthing is essential to the proper operation of  a plant. CRP have developed a very neat and effective earthing system which has been widely adopted by our customers looking for a low-cost and reliable solution to combat static build up on piping.


The Spikey® earthing washers are manufactured from sprung steel with a protective coating.  They are designed to easily fit  between a rotating flange and the stub end on a pipe spool or fitting, once in place the centring lugs ensure that the sharp teeth are positioned to pierce through the paint on the front of the flange and back of the stub end and provide electrical continuity between the pipe / stub end and the rotating flange. The joint is made with at least one of the stud bolts having a pair of standard star washers beneath the nuts.

This way the pipe welded to the stub ends provides these with continuity, the Spikey provides the continuity to the rotating flange, the pair of star washers provide continuity through the studbolt to the mating flange and so on through the piping system. If specified we provide the Spikies® already fitted to the spools we are manufacturing.

The extensive design, development and testing programme for Spikies® has ensured that the optimum spring steel substrate and nickel corrosion protection coating materials have been used, along with a design that makes Spikies® a truly durable fit and forget solution to process plant pipework earth continuity issues. The Spikie provides a robust and cost-effective solution to achieving earth continuity between the pipe body and a rotating flange.  They can also be retrofitted by the customer on site as required to any existing joints.