Ultra-HiPerFlon High Performance Piping

Whilst PTFE lined piping is typically the first choice for conveying the most corrosive of substances, there are some chemicals which are very permeable such as Hydrofluoric acid, Nitric acid, Hydrochloric acid, Chlorine, Chlorinated chemicals in general, etc. over time with pressure and elevated temperatures their particles can permeate through standard PTFE, especially iso-moulded PTFE linings.

From our customers experiences with these chemicals we know that our PFA linings in fittings are outperforming the standard PTFE linings typically offering at least twice the service life.

To ensure long service life handling these unusually reactive substances we have developed a special PTFE lining solution for pipe spools that utilises several aspects to provide the best solution – our UHP piping system.

  • The liners we use in this system are produced from a newly developed second generation modified PTFE with a tighter polymer structure which therefore provides improved permeation performance.
  • These UHP liners are produced with a heavy wall thicker than our standard liners, to reduce once more the rate of permeation.
  • To help alleviate local corrosion around the vent holes the UHP piping system is supplied complete with UHP vent bosses welded to the piping along with PTFE vent plugs to prevent corrosion of the steel pipe.
  • All PFA lined fittings are supplied with the heavy wall linings and can be upgraded with a UHP venting system which contains PTFE vent plugs to compliment the PTFE lined piping.


For more information, please follow this link to download the UHP datasheet.