Combined Tubular/Floating Ball Check Valve

The BFSG combines a tubular sight glass with a floating ball check valve, constructed from a heavy duty borosilicate glass with its superior corrosion and thermal performance. The glass is tube held securely between two PFA lined carbon steel flanges. Inside the BFSG are two PTFE seats (the lower one castellated and the upper one with a Chemraz® o-ring seal) with a hollow PTFE floating ball trapped between them. These sight glass / non-return valves are used to safeguard vacuum pumps from failure caused through liquid being drawn into them. Under normal operation the gasses pass up past the ball and through the sight glass into the vacuum pump. If something goes wrong with the process and liquid enters into the vacuum line the sight glass fills with this and the ball floats up to the seat preventing the liquid from passing and damaging the pump. Not only is the pump protected but the sight glass gives clear visual indication of the presence of liquid in the line.

To Suit ASME 150 and Din PN10/16 Piping Systems

To Suit PipeworkFace – FaceFlange øRaised Face øWeightGlass
ASME 150 Piping System
InchesmmDim. A mmDim. B mmDim. C mmKgømmWall mm
1 1/240178125735.2507.0
DIN PN 10/16 Piping System
InchesmmDim. A mmDim. B mmDim. C mmKgømmWall mm
1 1/240200150885.6507.0

The BFSG tie rods can be adjusted without removing from the pipeline, all wetted parts are PTFE, PFA and Borosilicate Glass.