Columns Lined in PTFE / PFA

CRP design and manufacture absorption and distillation columns lined in HiPerflon® PTFE / PFA. The reliability of such columns is reliant on using the best lining materials with no seams or welds which are often weak points in a construction. CRP are constructing columns from paste extruded PTFE liners with heavy walls up to 10mm / 7/16″ thick without seams or welds. Where nozzles are required we are producing these sections with a PFA moulded homogeneous fluoropolymer lining so that we don’t require bolted on branches. The PFA lining can be up to 12mm / 1/2″ thick depending on nominal bore.
We are offering columns with such heavy wall thicknesses of liner so that the column can operate for the maximum length of time. A thicker lining is proven to slow down and even stop permeation of the columns contents and for chemistries containing hydrochloric or nitric acid for example this is an important benefit of the CRP approach to fluoropolymer lined columns manufacture.

High vacuum performance is always a challenge with large diameters because the hoop strength which aids with this on smaller diameters is no longer present. CRP are leading the way in resolving this issue by innovatively supplying the PFA linings with an integral steel mesh reinforcement welded to the steel substrate to support and resist vacuum even at high temperatures.

The HiPerFlon® linings we use provide a very smooth internal finish with a high wettability much surpassing stainless steel for example and can be successfully used in ultra-high purity applications. The PTFE is extruded by CRP using coagulated dispersions, also known as fine powders, these are the highest grades of PTFE and provide the best liners for arduous and corrosive processes. The HiPerFlon® linings we use meet the requirements of the U.S. Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulation reference: 21 CFR 177.1550.

We offer lined columns from 8”NB DN200) up to 20”NB (DN500), the steelwork is typically manufactured from carbon steel pipe to ASTM A106 and flanges to ASTM A105.
The design standard can be to:
ASME B31.3 – Process Piping
ASME VIII Division 1 – Boiler and Pressure Vessel Codes
PD 5500 which has replaced BS 5500 – Unfired and Fusion Welded Pressure Vessels
EN 13445 – Unfired Pressure Vessels

We are also able to offer columns with stainless steel or low temperature carbon steel housings.

Along with the columns themselves we also supply internals like distribution plates machined from solid PTFE, trays, PTFE lined packing support plates and PFA lined support grids.

We can complete our offering with PTFE lined carbon steel Sparger / Dip Pipes used to introduce the feed centrally at the top of the column.

We also offer the full range of PTFE / PFA lined pipework and PFA lined valves to complete your column assembly.