Vent Bosses and Extensions For Lagged Lines

Our PTFE / PFA lined piping systems are suitable for use up to 200 degrees C. At elevated temperatures it makes good sense to lag the piping to reduce costly heat loss. However it is important that the lagging does not obscure the vent holes, otherwise any permeation may sit between the lagging and the steelwork. Please let us know if any piping will be ultimately lagged and we will supply the spools and fittings with bosses around the vent hole with ¼” BSP female threads. Along with the bosses we will supply vent extensions produced from ¼” pipe threaded at one end ready to screw into the vent bosses.
Extensions are available either 65mm long providing a 75mm (3”) or 90mm long providing a 100mm (4″) extension overall. Where the service is more permeable we recommend that vent bosses and vent plugs are used – our UHP venting system, we are also able to offer the matching extensions for these too. For further information on our UHP Venting system please click here.