Installation Training


Because of the niche position of PTFE and PFA lined equipment, it is not unusual for installation contractors to be unfamiliar with the installation of lined equipment.  this can lead to installation mistakes, expensive rework and a delayed project implementation.


Through the provision of some simple training CRP can assist in ensuring a good piping installation that does the equipment justice and gives the client confidence in its application.


Usually this is provided via a classroom based training session (site based), making use of audio-visual presentations and classroom media.  The training session would typically last two hours and a class size of around 10 is ideal. The training is provided by our technical, manufacturing and commercial staff as appropriate.

Following the training session a short multiple choice question paper is set to both help fix and confirm understanding.

As part of the presentation, CRP will put together a small exhibition of products to aid understanding and a question and answer session concludes the training.


A typical agenda will comprise.

    • The Company
    • The Products
    • PTFE – What is it?
    • Design Fundamentals
    •    Pressure


  •    Temperature 


    • Component Choices
    •     Fittings


  •     Bellows
  •     Sight Glasses
  •     Valves
  •     Painting
  •     Insulation and Trace Heating
  •     Flange Guards
  •     Static Dissipating Materials
  •     Earth Continuity


    • Installation of Lined Equipment
    •    Storage


  •     Identification
  •     Preparing for Installation
  •     Installation
  •     Dealing with Joint Leakage
  •     Welding
  •     Gasketing
  •     Bellows
  •     Other Lined Equipment


  • System Pressure Test
  • Post Commissioning and Maintenance
  • Routine Maintenance

Course Materials

We plan to provide course materials for each attendee, which will include notes relating to the presentation and other reference materials for subsequent reference.  We will also provide immediately after the visit, certificates confirming the individual’s attendance and understanding of the training.

Caveat and Costs

It is important to comment that we are not acting as paid consultants. We are not insured for such a role. However, we believe that we can bring a wealth of both theoretical and practical experience that is not available from other sources, which should give your team and others a good background in working with these materials.

We see the provision of such training as part of the added value that a supply chain relationship with CRP can bring.  To this end we offer such training to our supply contract customers and their agents and sub-contractors. Costs are usually on the basis of meeting our expenses.