Improve Plant Safety with Shields and Gaskets.

Help protect your plant from the potential dangerous aftermath of a failing flange joint with a PTFE coated GRP flange shield from CRP.

Flange guards are very easy to fit, they are wrapped around the periphery of the flange then held in place with velcro fasteners. Finally the tie cords are pulled tight to provide a snug fit to the pipe and tied with a reef knot. The loose ends should not be cut but tucked in so that the guard can be reused in the future.For further information on our Safety shields please click here or download our brochure.

Improve joint integrity by fitting an expanded PTFE gasket from our FluoroGask range. They are FDA approved and widely used when bolting together metallic piping.

They are capable of meeting all types of flange standards, having almost universal corrosion resistance and handling a wide temperature, pressure and vacuum range they have countless applications.


For further information on our reinforced PTFE gaskets please click here or download our datasheet.