Field Flare Spool With Slide Fit Liner & One Van Stone Flanged End Type ES1051

The ES1051 field pipe spool has a fully factory finished Van Stone flanged end complete with rotating flange on one end. The other end is supplied unfinished with a tacked on slip on weld flange. When ready to be fabricated the PTFE is slid away from the plain end, the steel pipe is sawn to the correct length, the supplied loose flange is welded in place and properly finished and then the PTFE reintroduced and field flared completing the pipe spool leaving a pipe spool with a welded fixed flange and a Van Stone rotating flange ready for installation. We supply these in 1″ (DN25) – 6″NB (DN150)

To see how the spool can be flared on site by your installation team please view our demonstrational video here.