Pressure / Temperature Curves DIN PN10 and PN16

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The Graphs below shows the pressure / temperature performance curve for CRP’s lined pipe and fittings. For details on vacuum performance please scroll down the page.

DIN PN10 Flanged Piping Systems
Pressure / Tempertaure Chart ASME150

DIN PN16 Flanged Piping Systems
Pressure / Temperature Curve ASME300

Vacuum performance of CRP heavy duty PTFE & PFA lined piping systems.
1/2″NB (DN15) – 8″NB (DN200) suitable for use under full vacuum to 200º C.
10″ NB (DN250) – 12″NB (DN300) suitable for use under full vacuum to 150º C.
14″ NB (DN350) Suitable for use under full vacuum to 50º C.

On 10″NB(DN250) – 12″NB (DN300) lined piping the vacuum resistance drops by 0.05bar per 10º increase in temperature between 150º C and 200º C. Which means -0.85barg (150mbar abs.) at 180°C and -0.75barg (250mbar abs.) at 200°