Paint Systems

CRP are often asked to supply lined pipe and fittings with special paint finishes. We are able to offer these cost effectively as we have our own in house grit blasting and spray painting facilities.

Standard CRP Paint System
Our standard paint finish is a two component low VOC, high solids fast curing epoxy primer/finish containing zinc phosphate anti-corrosive pigmentation. Colour RAL 5015 Blue Semi-Gloss. Typical thickness 60 microns. The paint is manufactured by International Paint, you can download the datasheet here.

Typical Customer Paint Systems Applied by CRP

International Paint System – 1
Interzinc 52HS
A two component, high solids, low VOC, rapid curing metallic zinc rich epoxy primer, complying to the requirements of SSPC paint 20.
Intergard 410
High build, high performance two component epoxy intermediate with excellent chemical and abrasion resistance.
Interthane 990
A two component acrylic polyurethane finish giving excellent durability and long term recoatability.

International Paint System – 2
Intergard 251
A two component epoxy anti-corrosive primer pigmented with zinc phosphate.
Intergard 400
A high build, two component epoxy, pigmented with lamellar micaceous iron oxide for enhanced corrosion resistance and improved properties after ageing.
Interthane 990
A two component acrylic polyurethane finish giving excellent durability and long term recoatability.

Leigh Paints
Epigrip L425HS
A zinc phosphate primer for anti corrosive protection of carbon steel surfaces prepared by abrasive blast cleaning.
Epigrip K267
An epoxy micaceous undercoat or finish.
Resistex C137
A high performance fast drying acrylic urethane gloss finish for use where long term exterior gloss and colour retention characteristics are required. Excellent tolerance to low temperature curing conditions.

Copon Paint System
Polycote Aluminium Primer
Single component solvent based moisture cured polyurethane coating formulated to give a high degree of chemical and solvent resistance.
Polycote MIO
Single component solvent based Micaceous iron oxide medium to high build intermediate.
Polycote HBF
Formulated to provide a very hard and abrasion resistant film together with a very high order of colour and gloss retention.

Thermal Sprayed Aluminium Metal Coating
CRP can supply all our lined pipe and fittings with a very high corrosion resistant aluminium metal coating, This is applied as molten metal to the prepared steel substrate. The bond is extremely strong and the coating is widely used in off shore applications giving very long life.

Stainless Steel Lined Piping

Finally it is worth advising that we are able to supply PTFE and PFA lined stainless steel pipe, fittings valves and sight glasses, requiring no over painting at all.  



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