BFSG - Integral Sight Glass / Floating Ball Check Valve

The BFSG combines all the benefits of the CTSG tubular sight Glass with it’s 360 degree process viewing with an integral hollow PTFE ball and soft fluoropolymer seat. The design is both space and cost saving , typically used to prevent liquids travelling down vacuum lines with visual indication.

To Suit ASME 150 and Din PN10/16 Piping Systems

The BFSG has a heavy wall borosilicate glass viewing section and PFA lined carbon steel flanges. The glass is supported with a robust stainless steel tie rod ‘cage’. The hollow PTFE ball sits on a lower integral castellated trap allowing gas to freely flow past and up through the sight glass, if liquid enters the sight glass chamber the ball floats on the liquid level travelling up to the soft seat mounted within the upper flange preventing liquid travelling further.   The BFSG tie rods can be adjusted without removing from the pipeline, all wetted parts are PTFE, PFA  and Borosilicate Glass. 

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