Vessel Sampling System Standard Key Components

Our standard Sampling system consists of several key components.
These components have many options available to tailor make the sampler to suit the customers requirements. We would be happy to discuss in detail your needs.
Generally the key components and options available are:

 1 - Vessel dip pipe connection.
The vessel sampler is designed around a 3/4" NB assembly. To mount to other sizes of dip pipe an adaptor flange is supplied to couple to the customers dip pipe size. Special adaptors can be supplied to allow return legs back into the vessel from recirculation lines etc.

2 - Vessel isolation valve
This provides the primary shut off to the vessel. This generally is either a stainless steel ball valve or a PFA lined ductile iron ball valve. The valve ball is a C type which prevents product entrapment within the ball bore cavity which is common on standard ball valves. Typically this valve is rated to 19 barg
Normally a manual lever operated valve, it can be supplied cw pneumatic actuator and control equipment to automate the process.

3 - Centre Manifold
This manifold is used primarily to dispense the sample from the sightglass section into the sample bottle. It also offers the option to introduce a wash or wash drain. The manifold is stainless steel with a PFA moulded lining. The manifold is often supplied with an integral sample dispensing valve with spring return handle. 

4 - Sightglass section
The sightglass section allows the operator to observe the sample being drawn up from the vessel. The vessel isolation valve is closed when sufficient sample is held within the sightglass section. The glass tube used is borosilicate glass. It is a very heavy wall construction being 9mm thick.
The glass is protected from mechanical damage with an outer perspex safety shield. For applications where solvents are commonly used to clean down equipment this can be substituted with a clear FEP shield resistant to solvent attack. The sightglass section houses a PTFE hollow ball.
The ball floats on the sample media and seats at the top of the sightglass section into a soft seat, preventing sample media being drawn down the vacuum line. 

5 - Top Manifold
This manifold is primarily used to introduce services to the sampling system. A source of vacuum is connected to draw the sample from the vessel up through the dip pipe into the sightglass section.
Then nitrogen is used to purge the sampling system clear of any residue sample once the sample has been dispensed into the bottle. Wash liquor can be introduced also into the top manifold to clean the sample system.
Typically the manifold is supplied with 2 or 3 horizontal connections for service valves. A further single vertical threaded connection is available which is typically used for a pressure gauge or pH probe mount.
Alternative designs of manifold are available with fabricated all welded construction ASME flange connections fully PFA lined. These are the obvious choice when the customer wishes to use PFA lined ductile iron flanged ball valves to control services providing the most robust sampler available.

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