Recirculating Sampling System

  • Designed to be mounted to a reactor dip pipe.
  • Sample can be discharged back into the vessel either through a separate nozzle or as shown here through an instrument tee back around the outside of the dip pipe.
  • Diaphragm pump firstly creates vacuum to draw sample up dip pipe and then recirculates it through the system.
  • Offers full representative sampling.
  • All wetted parts PTFE / PFA / Borosilicate glass - No metallic wetted parts used.
  • Atomac PFA lined valves used for isolation are extremely robust and offer large bores for use with slurries.
  • Sample dispensing valve of globe type allowing no product hold up cw spring return safety handle.
  • Robust PFA lined flanged manifold ports for nitrogen and wash introduction.
  • All valves can be automated.
  • Top manifold has spare top connection to allow future upgrade for fitment of pH probe, pressure gauge etc.
  • Integral stainless steel safety cabinet housing bottle adaptor.

For typical operating instruction please click here

System with Wilden pump, pH probe housing and inline sampler 

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