Cryogenic Sampling

Sampling from reactors at very low temperatures requires the use of special materials and equipment. CRP's design team work with the customer to create specific sampling equipment to match the process.

The sampling system on the right has a Hastelloy cryogenic vessel isolation valve and a sealed Hastelloy heat exchanger to warm the sample up before entering the borosilicate glass sight glass section. The sight glass chamber assembly is live loaded with belleville washers to ensure integrity whilst catering for the different levels of thermal expansion of the materials. All wetted parts are PTFE / PFA / Hastelloy etc for use with highly corrosive media.  
  The cryogenic sampler on the left uses all cryogenic valves. As the sampler does not have a heat exchanger and draws the liquid directly from the vessel into a hastelloy chamber rather than a sight glass, the liquid level is observed through a bulls eye sight glasses with a ATEX lamp illuminating the chamber. A nitrogen purge valve ensure the sampler is blown clear of remaining product ready for the next sample.

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