Seeding Devices

Seeding devices are used to add a product to a reactor vessel, this can be in the form of powder or liquid. Depending on the toxicity of the seed containment measures must be employed. CRP design seeding equipment to specifically suit a process. Whilst often these seeding units are statically mounted to a nozzle on the reactor head, we can also supply seeding devices that allow a contained seed to be transported to from the labarotory to the vessel and dispensed without any product contact or escape.

Often the equipment is manufactured to suit highly corrosive products with parts being manufactured from PTFE, Hastelloy and PFA materials. 

With the design on the left, the seeding device had to be lightweight and carry the contained seed from to the vessel, where it is connected to the vessel discharge port using quick release triclamp connections.

The 3 isolation valves could then be opened and using nitrogen connected to the upper quick relase coupling the seed blown into the vessel, finally a wash liquor was introduced to ensure all reminants were cleared from the device.

The device ensured that there were no product to the operator or environment whilst transporting a seed from the laboratory and dispensing into the vessel. 

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