Powder Sampling

CRP manufactures powder sampling systems using a thief to take the sample from the vessel or chute.
Commonly these sampling systems are used on filter dryers where the powder sample is taken across the top of the filter bed.
Generally the sampling systems fall into two types  whether they are used in a horizontal or vertical plane.

The SD VM 700 is designed to enter a vessel / filter dryer horizontally. The sample theif is closed whilst the sample probe is introduced, when the probe is fully extended into the vessel the thief is opened tanking a sample of the powder. Once the theif is full, it is closed once more and the probe withdrawn from the vessel, bearings and scrapers keep the probe free of powder. The vessel isolation valve is closed and finally the probe can be removed. The powder can then be dispensed into a bottle or bag.

  Various thief designs are available to suit the type of powder being sampled

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