Nitrogen Purge Option

Some applications present problems when sampling. Various sample liquids can react with air and set hard within the dip tube. Other sample medias are very sticky, others set as they cool. With these applications it is very useful to incorporate a purge function into the sampling system. The purge can be either compressed air, nitrogen or steam to clean the sampling system dispensing dip tube or septum needles. Additionally a nitrogen purge can ensure that all remnants are blown clean from all surfaces of the dip tube and contact surfaces.

The nitrogen / steam is introduced immediately below the spindle tip of the sampling valve. This is achieved by fitting a specially machined dip tube with twin bores.

The nitrogen purge valve and piping is generally supplied in Hastelloy for use in corrosive applications or stainless steelĀ for general applications. A ½"NB ball valve is used terminated in a threaded connection.

The valve is commonly fitted with a spring return lever as a fail safe to keep the nitrogen use to a minimum. The purge assembly can be fitted to horizontally and vertically mounted samplers with or without cabinets.

When the purge valve is opened the nitrogen purges from directly below the spindle tip, around the tip and down the dip tube / septum needles into the sample bottle. All surfaces in contact with the sample media are purged clear of any remaing sample.

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