Gas Sampling / High Pressure Sampling into Pressure Cylinders

Where a sample has to be taken from a very high pressure line or where the sample is likely to gas off.  Then the sample can be taken within a stainless steel pressure cylinder.

The pressure cylinder safely contains the sample at the same pressure as the process line. The cylinder can then be disconnected from the process line using valved quick release couplings. The cylinder can then be carried to the laboratory where the pressure is relieved and the sample dispensed.

Because of the high temperatures / pressures that are often associated with this type of sampling system. They are often supplied with pressure and temperature gauges to monitor process conditions. 

The sampling system shown below has a coil in coil heat exchanger to cool the sample down from over 350° C. All the valves used are rated to this design temperature. On this system added protection is given by incorporating a bursting disc assembly within the pressure cylinder assembly. The hose used to connect to the cylinder is metallic to maintain the design pressure rating. The whole system is securely mounted to a stainless steel backing plate bolted to a rigid stand.

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