Schott Duran Sample Bottles

CRP recommend the use of Schott Duran sample bottles for our range of sampling equipment. They are commonly used across all industries for the safe collection and transportation of substances.
They are manufactured from borosilicate glass which has outstanding corrosion resistance. They are able to operate at temperatures in excess of 500 degrees C and in temperatures as low as -70 degrees C. They have outstanding thermal shock resistance which is ideal for use in sampling systems.   
The bottles are available in a wide variety of sizes from 25ml up to a copious 20 litres. Sizes most commonly used with our sampling systems are 50ml, 100ml, 250ml & 500ml. The 50ml has a GL32 thread whilst the 100ml upwards use a GL45 thread, allowing different capacity bottles to be used with the same bottle connector. They are ideal for both standard bottle connectors and also septum assemblies with septums available from stock.

The bottles are available with plain borosilicate glass, however experience has proven that the plastic coated borosilicate glass bottles are far more robust and well suited for use on chemical plants.
All bottles have graduations etched into the bottle showing capacity.

Plastic caps are blue in colour and are manufactured from polypropylene. Aperture caps are red in colour and manufactured from PBT (Polybuthyleneteraphthalat). Plastic pouring rings are also available.

CRP stock plastic coated borosilicate glass bottles, screw top caps, aperture caps and septums in the commonly used sizes.

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