Syringe Samplers

Where samples need to be taken from vessels or pipelines which are highly toxic and complete containment is required for the sample. CRP’s range of syringe samplers provides the highest level of containment available. No sample liquor or fumes are released when the sample is taken. The syringe has Chemraz 'o'ring seals internally sealing the piston to the borosilicate glass.

The syringe unit is easy to operate unlike some other designs of syringe sampler. To operate, the syringe is offered up in to the cam attachment which is permanently fixed to the sample point, then with an easy twist of the lever a cam and roller mechanism drives the syringe home into the mount.
As this is done the syringe automatically opens and the chamber fills with sample liquid. To remove the syringe the lever is twisted in the opposite direction and the syringe is released with the sample point automatically closing in one clean dry break operation. 

The syringe sampler is available in two sample volume sizes, 50ml and 100ml.

Two types are available, one with stainless steel wetted parts, suitable for general purpose non corrosive applications.
The other for use with highly corrosive processes with Hastelloy substituting the stainless steel parts. The wetted parts common to both types include borosilicate glass PTFE & Chemraz 'o'rings and gaskets, all offering outstanding corrosion resisting properties.

The borosilicate glass tube is safely housed within a stainless steel carrier making the unit very robust.

The syringe can operate in both horizontal and vertical applications and is supplied with a polypropylene carrying cap to protect the connecting components and a dispensing cap to be used in the laboratory to dispense the sample from the syringe.

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