Septum Assemblies

  Septum capped bottles use a PTFE coated silicone diaphragm to seal the bottle. This is held in place by an aperture cap which is screwed to the bottle the normal way. This compresses the diaphragm against the lip of the bottle, creating a seal. The bottle is offered up into the septum assembly where two needles puncture the diaphragm, the silicone energizer ensures a seal around the needles. When the sampler is operated the sample flows through one of the needles into the bottle. The other needle is used as a vent, evacuating the displaced air from the sample bottle. The bottle is secured in position within the sampler assembly with a stainless steel swing catch. When the sampler is operated the bottle can be seen filling through either a clear guard or machined slots. When the sample bottle is pulled down and withdrawn from the needles the compliance of the silicone energizer seals the bottle preventing any fumes or sample escaping. The sample bottle can then be safely conveyed to the laboratory. 

Using a septum capped bottle and septum assembly has several advantages over a standard screw cap bottle.

  • The sample is automatically sealed within the sample bottle.
  • The operator is not exposed to fumes escaping from the sample bottle, there is no need to unscrew the bottle and fit a separate bottle cap.
  • There is little risk of spillage from the sample bottle even when knocked over.
  • The sample is protected from contamination from the atmosphere.

Septum capped bottles are available in many shapes and sizes. The septum assembly has to be designed and manufactured exactly to suit the bottle.
It is very important that the sample bottle is effectively guided up squarely onto the septum needles. All CRP septum assemblies are designed to ensure this. The assemblies are supplied with an FEP, polypropylene or stainless steel bottle guide.

CRP has manufactured septum assemblies to suit bottle sizes 5ml up to 2 litres and has various sizes of needle to suit your application. Septum assemblies can be fitted to inline sampling valves and reactor samplers and supplied with our without a safety cabinet.

The septum needles we use are of a unique design and are the key component in our septum assembly for further information on these needles please
click here .

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