Dispensing the sample into a screwed in bottle

This dispensing method is the most commonly used for taking a sample. The sampler is fitted with a PTFE bottle connector, which the operator screws a sample bottle into. As the sampling valve is opened the liquid level in observed in the bottle. The bottle connector can be supplied with a standard GL32 or GL45 thread to suit Schott bottles.
More often though the bottle connector is machined with threads to suit the customers own specific sample bottle, maintaining existing site standards and compatibility. To ensure the bottle connector threads will fit the customers sample bottles we require a bottle to use as a gauge when machining the threads.

After receiving the first order and example sample bottle from a customer we will label the sample bottle and keep it in our bottle library. Ready for any subsequent orders.

When the sampler is to be used in processes under pressure the bottle connector is supplied with an integral vent to evacuate the bottle of air as it fills with sample media. This vent is a threaded connection supplied as standard with a PTFE compression fitting and short length of 8mm diameter PTFE tube. This is to vent the fumes safely away from the operator. If required this connection can be piped into the site extraction system.

When a sample is to be taken from a pipeline under vacuum a different bottle connector must be used. The bottle connector is supplied without a vent and an o-ring is used to seal the bottle lip against the bottle adaptor. When the valve is operated the air within the sample bottle is drawn into the process and the bottle fills with sample.

Bottle connectors can be supplied to suit glass and plastic bottles.

The bottle connector is generally supplied with one thread. However we can supply bottle connectors with two different threads to allow compatibility with different size bottles to suit your requirements. The only requirement is that the bottle necks must be of sufficiently different size as to allow this.

Dust caps can be supplied with the bottle connector to prevent any dust or foreign objects like flying insects etc. from contaminating the dip tube.

Like all our range of dispensing options the bottle connector can be used on its own or contained within a safety cabinet to minimise risk of spillage and escaping fumes.

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