Sampling into Hand Held Bottle

The simplest choice for sample dispensing. The sample is dispensed through a PTFE or stainless steel dip tube. This is not often used without a cabinet because of the risks involved in the operator holding the bottle.

The dip tube can be supplied over length and be cut on site by the customer to suit the chosen sample receptacle. 

When the sample is dispensed within a cabinet, generally the sample flows into a tin or can with a very wide mouth rather than a standard bottle. The can is sat on the base of the cabinet positioned below the dip tube. Because the bottle is not connected to the sampler with a thread many different shapes and sizes of sample bottle or tin can be used with the sampling valve.
Stainless steel bottle carriers can be supplied to hold the bottle in position under the sampling device offering increased safety
Spring loaded bottle holders can be supplied which hold the bottle securely underneath the dip tube.

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