G4 - Metallic Sleeved Plug Valve

The G4 plug valve has been manufactured by Durco since 1972, plug valves are recognised as being the best type of valve for positive shut off of process. It has excellent environment sealing too, due to its inherent plug design. The valve is supplied with a PTFE sleeve as standard and can be adjusted inline to reseat if required. The valve can be supplied in a wide selection on metals from cast steel to specialist corrosion resisting alloys.

To Suit ASME 300 piping Systems for ASME 150 click here
To suit pipework NB  Face - Face  A CL to end of wrench  CL to top of wrench
Inches mm mm mm mm
1/2" 15 140 152 121
3/4" 20 152 152 121
1" 25 165 178 122
1.1/2" 40 190 229 140
2" 50 216 305 160
3" 80 283 457 190
4" 100 305 762 229
6" 150 403 G/O G/O

The G4 is available in a wide size range up to 18" NB

The G4 plug valve is available in both ASME 150 and ASME 300 designs, with allowable pressure ratings up to 50 bar g. End connections can be flanged, screwed, butt weld or socket weld. Special designs are available including fire sealed, 3 way, partial and fully jacketted and high performance varieties. Actuators are mounted off  the flange tops, below 4”.  If the valve is going to be actuated please specify this so that they can be supplied with suitably threaded mounting holes.  Sizes 4” and above are supplied ready for actuation as standard. 

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