Dip Pipes – Anti Siphon System

To prevent liquor being drawn up the dip pipe we can supply anti siphon systems to vent the dip internally around the head of the reactor. By utilising 2 interconnected instrument tees on bores equivalent to the vessel flange and process flange, under a process vacuum condition the gasses are drawn from the head of the reactor rather than any liquor. The instrument tees can be connected with flexible hoses or hard piped as required.

All wetted parts are PTFE / PFA to give excellent corrosion resistance,

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Dip Pipes/Entry Pipes

How to Specify Dip Pipes

Dip pipes have many attributes to their design, CRP has had many years of experience in designing and manufacturing dip pipes. To help our customers our engineers have created an in depth introduction to the specification of dip pipes, for further information please click here .