How To Specify Dip Pipes

Dip pipes are often exposed to agitation affects in vessels, At CRP we believe it is critical to ensure that the dip pipes are suitably designed and constructed to be safe in operation. For our sales team to be able to provide a quotation for a dip pipe several pieces of information are required, including dimensional data and process information, if the vessel is agitated then details of the agitation are required too, so we are able to judge the suitability of the dip pipe design.  

Dip pipes have several key dimensional attributes:
• Nominal Bore of pipe used
• Process flange to connect to the inlet / outlet pipe
• Vessel flange to bolt to the vessel nozzle
• Face to face or upstand typically 150mm measured from the face of the vessel flange to the face of the branch flange
• Immersion length, give the length of dip pipe protruding into the vessel measured from the underside of the vessel flange
• Sometimes a dip pipe adaptor flange is required – depending on flange size required
Once the dimensions are known there are several options of construction available:
• Fixed or rotating process flange
• Virgin or static dissipating (antistatic) lining
• Carbon steel or stainless steel fabrication
• Inner vac liners / sparge pipes / antis siphon systems /spray ball ends etc

Finally the process conditions are required, typically these include:
• Temperatures / pressures
If agitated:
• Agitator diameter
• Agitator speed
• Process media viscosity
• Process media density

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