Entry Pipes / Nozzle liners

Where there is little need for mechanical strength offered by CRPs lined steel dip pipes, CRPs Entry pipes can be an ideal low cost solution to introduce liquor into a storage vessel etc.. They are manufactured from paste extruded PTFE flared one end to raised face dimensions to connect between suitable mating flanges.

They can be supplied in any length up to 6000mm long and generally available in sizes from ¾” to 6”NB. Entry pipes are often used to protect the bores of glass lined vessels from mechanical damage, being a sacrificial sleeve.

We can supply custom sized liners to ensure correct fit in existing nozzles etc.

Entry pipes can also be supplied to protect nozzles on glass lined vessels to protect from mechanical damage. We can generally size them to suit your exact requirements, please give us a call to discuss on 01706 756 400

Entry Pipe/Nozzle liner Diagram   PTFE Entry Pipe

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Dip Pipes/Entry Pipes

How to Specify Dip Pipes

Dip pipes have many attributes to their design, CRP has had many years of experience in designing and manufacturing dip pipes. To help our customers our engineers have created an in depth introduction to the specification of dip pipes, for further information please click here.