Pipe Spool for Field Flare With Slide Fit Liner & One Van Stone Flanged End Type ES1051

This pipe spool is designed to allow field fabrication of pipe spools by the customer. The pipe spool is provided with one factory finished Van Stone flanged end. The other end is supplied with a loose slip on weld flange tacked in position. The spool is ready to be cut to length, have the flange welded on and the PTFE flared to complete the spool to the customers exact length.

   PTFE Lined Field Flare Spool

The pipe spools are ideal for rapid manufacture of closers on site. The paste extruded PTFE liner is specially heat set within the steel pipe to become a loose fit. The steel is provided 100mm longer than ordered. The customer can withdraw the liner, cut the pipe to the correct length, weld the supplied flange in place then push the PTFE tube back and flare the PTFE.
A full range of field flare tooling can be supplied, please contact us for a quotation
Field flare pipe spools are available from 1”NB to 4” NB.

For a quotation please contact us on 01706 756 400  or enquiry@crp.co.uk
If you would like further information on the procedures of field flare lined piping fabrication please click here.

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