Variable Length Dip Pipe

The variable immersion dip pipe addresses a number of potential process requirements including:
•    The need to remove liquor at a specific (but changing) height within a vessel.
•    The need to add materials at a specific (but changing) height within a vessel.
•    The ability to mount a dip pipe for azeotropic separation at differing levels. •    The scope to remove a dip pipe during a particularly aggressive agitation or temperature excursion.
The product makes use of CRP’s continuously lined dip pipe design, but incorporates a clever gland seal arrangement at the top of the dip pipe sealing against the outside of the pipe.  Operation is simple, with a loosening of the gland, moving the dip pipe and retightening.

It is manu
factured in 1 inch to 3 inch sizes and will connect to standard vessel nozzles. 

Lining as ever is in our most permeation resistant
paste extruded PTFE, with the option of static dissipating (anti-static) lining if required.  The maximum immersion length of the product is 2.8 metres and options for the provision of a support for the dip pipe whilst extracted, and flush or scraper seals for pipe cleaning on extraction are available.

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