Dip Pipes –CLDP (Continuously Lined Dip Pipe)

CRP dip pipes have a wide array of uses. Typically they are used to charge a reactor below the liquid level, to extract samples from the reactor as part of one of our sampling systems, Or to drain liquid from a vessel without the need of side or bottom outlet.

PTFE Lined Dip Pipes   


CRP dip pipes are manufactured from a carbon steel fabricated construction with a continuously lined paste extrusion PTFE liner. One piece of PTFE liner lines and protects both the inner and outer diameters of the dip pipe. Our advanced manufacturing techniques enable us to produce dip pipes without any pinched or welded ends eliminating a potential weak point completely.

Having all wetted parts in PTFE gives excellent corrosion resistance.
Dip pipes can be supplied straight or curved to angle liquor to the side of the reactor etc.

Powerful agitator blades can create a lot of stress on components installed in a reactor vessel. Before we supply any dip pipes we thoroughly check that the mechanical strength of the dip pipe will be sound against the specific process conditions. This is  extremely important to save on very costly breakages.

Dip pipes are available in size range 1”NB up to 4”NB with vessel flanges available up to 24”NB

They can be supplied in both virgin and static dissipating (Antistatic) liners for use in ATEX controlled zones.

Options - We can supply Dip Pipes with Stainless steel fabrications or with BS 10 / PN10/16 flanges etc. Dip legs are available where only the vessel flange is supplied with tapped blind holes to suit the process connection. Spray balls, sparger pipes etc can all be supplied.

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