Case Study - Automated Measuring and Dispensing Pot

The Product/Service
Automated Measuring and Dispense Pot
Manufacturer of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
The Problem
The customer required a device for automatically measuring a specific amount of liquid of between 6.00 and 6.06 litres.
The Solution
CRP designed a PFA moulded spool piece with three branches. The two upstands were fitted with level sensors and connected to the supply pump. When the lower level gauge is triggered, the filling pump stops. The second level gauge checks that the pump over-run does not increase the liquid amount beyond its upper limit. If it does, the system can be emptied and refilled. If the amount is correct, the lower branch valve can be opened and the liquid dispensed. The assembly makes use of CRP’s PFA moulding technology, using both standard moulded fittings and special items.

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