Bellows Safety Shields

Following guidance from the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU and international insurers, we strongly recommend the use of Safety Shields around each bellows.  Because of its nature, the bellows is the weakest part of a piping system and safety shields can assist in mitigating risk to operators.

Materials of Construction
3 ply PTFE coated glass fibre fabric.
FEP Fluoropolymer transparent inspection window.
PTFE encapsulated glass fibre draw cords

  •  Recommend by Insurance companies.
  •  Helps to contain leaks until the pipe line can be isolated.
  •  Reduces risk of operator and plant damage.
  •  Clear window allows easy inspection of expansion bellows.
  •  Heavy duty 3-ply PTFE coated glass fibre construction.
  •  Suitable for use up to temperatures up to 200° C.
  •  Available to suit all sizes and types of CRP FluoroFlow bellows.
  •  Easily fitted with central Velcro fastening and secure ties at each end.
  •  Manufactured from UV and weather resistant materials for long life.
  •  Flexible materials allow for bellows movements.

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  Used to protect personnel and plant from leakage from failing flange joints.