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South Africa

Contact: Hilson Wilmot
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Fibre-Wound are the leader in GRP piping, vessels and linings supply in South Africa. Their capacity and capabilities of their team are such that any type and size of GRP project can be completed. Fibre-Wound has grown over 30 years of trading on the back of successful projects in the mining, pulp / paper, power production and chemical industries. The GRP piping systems are often used to handle corrosive and toxic chemistries where any failures can prove very costly. Their production techniques and highly experienced personnel ensure that all products are designed and manufactured ready for such demanding processes.
Fibre-Wound can offer GRP (Glass reinforced plastic), fluoropolymer linings (FEP, ECTFE etc), thermoplastic linings (PVC-U, PP, PVDF etc) to best match the process conditions.
Fibre-Wound are CRP’s exclusive distributor in South Africa for the supply of PTFE lined piping, PTFE expansion bellows and our range of check valves, sight glasses and sampling systems. 



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To contact them by phone call +31 705 1750. Their friendly and knowledgeable team are ready to help.


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Fibre-Wounds products and services 

GRP Piping.  

GRP, resin and plastic Linings.

GRP Pressure Vessels.



Custom Fabrications.

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