Our Approvals

PED, ISO9001:2015, Static Dissipating liners

CRP is an ISO 9001:2015 approved company.  Originally accredited to BS5750 Part 1 in 1992, CRP maintains this accreditation through a process of continuous third party surveillance with, six monthly, annual and triennial audit taking place. 

All of the company’s manufacture and test procedures fall within this regime.

Download a high resolution pdf copy of our ISO 9001:2015 certificate here 

CRP comply with the Pressure Equipment Directive that became mandatory in May 2002 

Under the requirements of the regulations, CRP has undertaken all necessary calculations and tests to conform to the PED. These have been approved by our third party notified body.

You can download copies using the links below:

Download a pdf copy here

CRP has undertaken third party testing to confirm the static-dissipating properties of our lined piping.

Download a high resolution pdf of the test results copy here
CRP complies with European Regulations stating our products are safe to come in contact with food.

Download a high resolution pdf copy of our  Declaration of Compliance for Food Contact Materials here

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