Performance Specifications - Lined Pipe & Fittings

The Graph below shows the pressure / temperature performance curve for CRP’s lined pipe and fittings. For details on vacuum performance please scroll down the page. 

ASME 150 Flanged Piping Systems
ASME 300 Flanged Piping Systems


Vacuum performance of CRP heavy duty PTFE  & PFA lined piping systems.
1/2"NB (DN15) - 8"NB (DN200) suitable for use under full vacuum to 200º C.
10" NB (DN250) - 12"NB (DN300) suitable for use under full vacuum to 150º C.
14" NB (DN350) Suitable for use under full vacuum to 50º C.

On 10"NB(DN250)  - 12"NB (DN300) lined piping the vacuum resistance drops by 0.05bar per 10º increase in temperature between  150º C and  200º C. Which means -0.85barg (150mbar abs.) at 180°C and -0.75barg (250mbar abs.) at 200°C.

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