Bolt Length Calculator

Identifying the correct length of stud bolt to use with any given piping joint can be quite daunting with such an array of possible configurations. To aid with this task we have identified the correct length of stud required to span common joints. By using this data for each half of the connection in conjunction with the nuts thicknesses you can calculate the total stud length required.

Distance to span 1 half of the joint 

(1) Bolt holes threaded 1/2" UNC
(2) Bolt holes threaded 5/8" UNC

Nut Thicknesses

* Assuming nuts are faced on one side

To calculate the length of a stud for a joint add together the total length for each half of the joint. e.g. a 1.1/2" fitting to a 1.1/2" rotating spool flange = 23mm + 32.5mm = 55.5mm. To this value add on two off nut thicknesses +  clear threads if using studs or one nut thickness + clear threads if using bolts.
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