Sheet Linings

Through CRP’s own manufacturing processes and various alliances we can offer an extensive range of specialist and customised Teflon fluoropolymer lined equipment and GRP / fluoropolymer fabricated components.

Lining Materials - PTFE, FEP, PFA, PVDF (KYNAR) and ECTFE (HALAR)

Vessels, columns, azeotropic separation vessels etcetera. 


Bonded Linings
Using fabric backed fluoropolymer sheet, high adhesion adhesives and vacuum forming systems to firmly bond the lining to the steel substrate. We are able to offer a highly corrosion resistant lining suitable for large diameter and intricate parts which are able to withstand vacuum conditions.
 Bonded Tank Linings

Loose Linings

Primarily using 4mm thick PTFE sheet we are able to line column sections and large diameter spools, ducting etc. As the linings are loose they can be quickly fabricated and are a low cost lining solution only suitable for positive pressure applications.
 Loose Column Linings
Fabricated Specials
CRP can supply special components manufactured from fluoropolymer materials using our extensive knowledge and specialist techniques -nozzle liners, machine rollers, manifolds etcetera.
 PTFE Nozzel Liner
Custom Fabrications
Machined and welded thermoplastics, packing grids, pipe and vessel etc.

Column Packing Support Plate

Specialist Lined Piping Products
Large bore lids, reducers, charge chutes, manway lids etcetera.
 FEP LIned Lid
Azeotropic Separators
High Pressure vessels with elongated thick wall borosilicate sight glass windows, bonded liner and steel substrate offers high pressures and vacuum performance.
 FEP Lined Azeotropic Seperator

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