Vessel Sampler using Vacuum

This type of vessel sampler uses existing site vacuum to draw a sample up the dip pipe and into the sight glass chamber. The system sits on top of the dip pipe, once the sample has been taken the sight glass and system is purged clean back into the vessel. Many different material and operating options are available.

Typical Operation -
Firstly we introduce nitrogen into the sightglass chamber and down into the dip pipe blowing clear any residue ready to take a fresh representative sample.
Extract Sample
By using site vacuum the sample media is drawn up the dip pipe into the sight glass chamber, a hollow PTFE ball floats on the sample media giving both a clear level indication and acting as a non return valve prevent sample product travelling down the vacuum line. Once sufficient volume is held within the sight glass the vessel isolation valve is closed trapping the sample in the sight glass chamber.
Dispense Sample
The spring return handle is operated and the sample is dispensed from the sight glass chamber into the sample bottle.
Finally the vessel isolation valve is opened and using nitrogen / wash liquor the system and dip pipe are purged and cleaned clear.

Detailed operating instructions are supplied with all our sampling systems.

If the vessel is under pressure then rather than using vacuum to draw the sample we can vent the sight glass so the sample flows freely into the sightglass. We can also use an eductor to create vacuum in the sightglass chamber using compressed gas.

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